About Us

NEGU Soft logoNEGU Soft is a software development company specialized in mobile software and networking solutions.

Always in the vanguard of technology, we adapt to a quickly changing industry and take advantage of it. This is reflected in our products, meaning a higher quality and a better user satisfaction.

Our goal is to build simple products for the user, hiding the underlying technologic complexity. Making them do more with less.

Quality Assurance

We use well defined software engineering technics to achieve the highest quallity in our products. We use agile development techniques. Testing is also an important part of the quality system. Altogether, it allows to have a better control over the produced software.


We use new age technologies to build new age software. The sofware is developed for different platforms including mobiles, desctop computers and online servers. They are all connected via standard web technologies to create the most stable echosystem.

Although the underlying technology is often complex, our philosophy is to to hide it from the end user. At NEGU Soft, we believe that the simplicity is the key. The end user should achieve what he wants with the minimum effort.